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The Second Republic Alliance

"Unity and Freedom"

Father of Our Region (Founder) Johann of 21 Tribes
WA Delegate The Republic of Great Argonia
Grand Viceroy Albrecht of 21 Tribes
Deputy Viceroy John Strider of Republica
Attorney General Argo of Argonia
Minister of Foreign Affairs Queen Spencer of Hippylandiaville
Minister of the Interior August Brodie Stoddard of Calicathia
Minister of Defence Mark Martin of Teutionia
Wiki Editor The Free Land of Calicathia

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Brief HistoryEdit

The Second Republic Alliance is a region that was founded by The Tribal Commonwealth of 21 Tribes after the region, The Republic Alliance, was shut down because the founder, The Republic Empires, was retiring from NationStates. After it was discovered that he was a traitor and this was all a plot against Johann. We have branded him The Lord High Traitor of LHT for short.

Recently our great leader Johann was assasinated during a peace speech We will forever remember him as the Father of Our Region.

Current GovernmentEdit

The Government of the Second Republic Alliance runs in a regional government style where the Grand Viceroy Albrecht is head of government. Member nations of the region vote for certain ministers and seats in parliament. Read the Constitution of The Second Republic Alliance for more information.

Ministerial Elections are held every 35 days to determine who will hold the offices shown on the right

Political PartiesEdit


All Political Parties need to meet the requirements before they can run for government:

  1. Must have a factbook about there party.
  2. A minimum of 3 members that includes the founder of said party.
  3. Must be a active member of the region. 

After meeting all of those, you need final approval from the Grand Viceroy

Member NationsEdit

There are currently 36 Member Nations in the Second Republic Alliance.


Republic Alliance Forum / Constitution / Map / NS Economy / NS Tracker / Regional Bar / Region Rules 

World PoliticsEdit


United Empire of Islam, The Earth Alliance, The Illawarran Empire, The republic alliance iii, and Gordonhurst Alliance.

Regional RulesEdit

You will be banned from the region if you do the following:  obscene,  illegal,  threatening,  malicious,  defamatory,  spam.

This applies to your nation's name, motto, and other customizable fields, any messages you write, images you post, or any other content you upload or link to this region. If you do, your nation will be Banned.  Also prohibited is the practice of "griefing." Griefing is playing with the primary aim of annoying or upsetting other people in the region. If you do this you will be banned. 

Latest activityEdit

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